Adventure in an Alternate Location

Day 9 Challenge: How would you like to do what you love where you would love to from your choosing?

[Day 9] Location Independence |The Suitcase Entrepreneur

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9

Day 9 Challenge: Imagine you are on a long holiday in Portugal (or wherever your dream destination is). There are castles to explore, secret bars to discover, and sunny beaches to laze around on. In today’s post, I want you to write about how you will balance your adventure and work while you are away on this holiday.

How to balance work and play? The conundrum of life. Sun is shining, things to experience and you have a dead line, what to do?

I have had the privilege of working remotely, from where my current role technically exists, for the last 8 years and it has been a blessing. I am more involved in my families lives and do not miss out on really important stuff like first day of school, school plays, sporting games and practices. The experiences that create memories and connections with family and friends.

What I have found over the last eight years is to have clearly defined boundaries so that work does not get neglected – and it is very easy to do. Some days it is hard and remembering the responsibilities that have been agreed upon helps maintain the clarity.

So, how would I balance work and play if I was in another country?

Here is what I have learnt

  1. Accept that not everything can be done at once or needs to be done now. From a work and play perspective.
  2. Know and understand your time zones. Very important for meetings of any type.
  3. Have communication expectations defined and understood. This helps people know that you are not surfing when you need to be in a meeting. Many jokes have been made about this based on my situation. Plus it helps with family who want to go and do something and you can  provide clarity on if it is possible.
  4. prioritize your actions. This will help provide clarity on what needs to be done and when so the fun stuff can be included rather than having to deal with a commute to and from work (don’t miss that).

Ultimately your life revolves around your perspective and it can be as hard, simple, easy or complex as you desire and define.

We just have to choose.