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Day 4: Personal Superpowers to make your life fly

[Day 4] Unlocking Your Superpowers |The Suitcase Entrepreneur

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4

Day 4 Challenge: Write down what your super powers are and how these superpowers will help you to realize your dream of living the freedom lifestyle.

Everyone has their superpower list that they may or may not be aware of. These are the things that you can do with little to no motivation or inspiration. When a possibility to use them comes along that intrigues, you say ‘Yes, I can do that’ quicker, easier and with little doubt. You have confidence in them and within yourself.

Sometimes though, these superpower may block your need to adapt as they become a comfort zone – nice and warm, no change required here.

Personally thinking about my career and what I do well, I know I am very good at the following:

  • Analysing and researching problems
  • Process creation – especially on a mental level.
  • Creating solutions that resolve the problem so the possibility of it occurring again is very small

I enjoy these tasks as they challenge the mind and current understanding. The mental process creation helps should the same or similar issue recurs as I can resolve the problem quicker – especially as my back ground is support software.

So how these superpowers help with creating a new and improved life style? This is the big  question and one that I have been thinking about recently.

It ultimately is about the reframing of these superpowers to suit the next challenge. By reframing them appropriately, you should be able to carry over the confidence you have and make things a little easier. Having confidence within yourself, at least with your well honed skills, you can overcome the initial  ‘holy crap, how can I do this’ mental burp that can get you stuck and throw a big spanner in the works.

If the reframing does not occur, these superpowers can turn into the proverbial kryptonite, confuse yourself and reduce your personal confidence with the skills that previously helped to define you.

Now, how do I reframe my problem solving skills to solve …. my current problems? Without getting into analysis-paralysis.

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