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Day 3 Challenge: Define what your Perfect Day is

[Day 3] Creating A Vision For The Future |The Suitcase Entrepreneur

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

Day 3 Challenge: Now that you know what a Perfect Day is, I want you to visualize yours and write it down as a blog post. Start with the moment you wake up, through to the time you go to sleep.

TimeDescriptionCan I do it now?Actions so it can be DoneWhy?
5amWake and walk the dogAlready doing itBe more consistentThe dog needs a walk for her well being.
Get moving at the start of the day and allow space for thinking and planing
6amExercise - swim, weights, surf, cardioYesCreate an exercise plan
Do the exercises
Be more consistent
Exercise improved the body and mind so I can keep doing what I want.
Allow me to be in shape so I can experience life
8amWorkYes - is it the type of work I want to be doing?Stop allowing distractions to interfere from completing tasksInspired to start the day and help others.
12pmLunch with my wifeYes and I should do it more.Don't allow other items to interfereBetter connection and relationship.
2pmWorkYes - is it the type of work I want to be doing?Stop allowing distractions to interfere from completing tasksBe productive and help others create solutions for their lives
Obviously helps pay the bills and provide for my family and life's experiences.
6pmDinner and family timeYesMake it a priority
9pmLearn and improve skill set and/or playYesDefine what I would like to learnImproves my ability to help and be better and what I choose to do and who I choose to be
11pmBedYesneed the rest

What Else Could I fit in?

Life should be filled with a wide range of experiences:

  • lunches at good cafe’s and restaurants
  • movies and concerts (music, plays, opera)
  • Courses to improve me, family and skill set.

Ultimately my perfect day would be a dichotomy of being structured so that I could be as productive as possible – feel more useful that now – and provide myself with enough freedom to make a choice to do ‘something’ spontaneous. You have to allow for that, otherwise, it might get boring.

Ultimately the dog will still need to be walked. Maybe twice because she likes her walks on the beach.

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