Define Your Challenges to Conquer Them

Response to a 10 Day Blog Challenge. Day 1: Personal Challenges

My Current 3 Life Challenges

[Day 1] Finding Your Focus |The Suitcase Entrepreneur

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1

Day 1 Challenge: Take some time to think about your biggest challenges, then list down 2-3 of them and write a few lines about why you think they are holding you back.

Recently things in life has been coming to a point that no longer can be ignored. Life as I expect it or want it is passing me by and it is time to do something.

1. Self-Responsibility

Not taking responsibility for myself and therefore my life has surfaced as my current challenge. For a long time I thought I was responsible but I am not and am indirectly blaming other ‘things’ for  my frustrations and inactions. This lack of real self responsiblity is sapping. And the indirect blame compounds.

Personal responsibility is choice and MUST be made to take control of life.

2. Self-Confidence

Not believing in myself and that I have a voice with something to say that would be listen to and valued. I have plenty of examples of providing important information but ignore it. Not a good choice.

I do say and teach things that are of value. I allow the way ‘I’ interpret how the recipients use it (or not) for their own needs, which reflects back to me on my action/inaction on what I read, view and listen to. This interpretation then feeds the lack of confidence that am not being listened to.

3. Physical and Financial Health

More personal responsibility would have not allowed the issues to materialise.

More personal responsibility will put me into action to clear things up and stop them degrading further

Both stop me from currently experiencing life as I would like because I allow my current self-confidence and personal responsiblity levels to follow through and take action on the thoughts that come to me and any advice that is provided to me.


Maybe nothing will happen from this challenge, maybe everything. I suppose I will find out along the way as I write. Maybe all I needed to do was make the choice and follow through.

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